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“Mahindra Solarize offers innovative and technologically superior energy solutions in the Distributed Energy Space. Our Vision is to accelerate & democratize accessibility of clean energy to the masses, thereby fulfilling our goal to promote green technology and sustainable solutions in Renewable Energy, through innovations in photovoltaic solar panels, which would contribute to preserving the environment.

Apart from being in the solar business where we provide sustainable residential solar rooftop, commerical solar rooftop and solar water pump solutions, we are proud to be a part of the $20.7 billion Mahindra Group, which has presence in 100+ countries. The Mahindra Group operates in 21 key industries, providing insightful and ingenious solutions that are global in their ramifications. Although the Group operates across vast geographies and has diverse business interests, its governing spirit of ‘Rise’ binds us as one Mahindra.

Vision & Mission

  • Our Vision - Mahindra Solarize
  • Our Vision

    To accelerate the adoption of Distributed Renewable Energy by offering innovative and technologically superior products and solutions via the solar PV pants we build.

  • Our Mission

    To be the most preferred brand for solar solutions by:

    • Catering to the renewable energy requirements of the community of green crusaders

    • Adopting and implementing business practices that minimise environmental risks

    • Ensuring sustained profitable growth thereby creating value for internal and external stakeholders

    • Adopt the product approach in asset light & risk mitigated manner

    • Embrace digital transformation for higher productivity, flexibility & reach.

  • Our Mission - Mahindra Solarize

Our Philosophy

We ensure Customer Delight by offering Technologically superior & innovative solutions in the renewable energy space backed by competency, responsiveness, trustworthiness, and reliable after-sales infrastructure, ensuring Customer Delight in all we do.

  • Customer Delight - Mahindra Solarize

    Customer delight

    Endeavour & ensure customer delight in everything we do

  • Trust - Mahindra Solarize


    The driving force of all our relationships with stakeholders

  • Safety - Mahindra Solarize


    The non-compromising aspect of our business

  • Sustainability - Mahindra Solarize


    Our ultimate-goal

  • Ethics - Mahindra Solarize


    The life force of our existence

  • Commitment - Mahindra Solarize

    RISE philosophy

    People, Planet, Profit


Our innovative solutions are the result of trust, stability and technology

  • Solar Rooftops - Mahindra Solarize

    Solar Rooftops

    The power of the
    sun - on your roof.

  • Solar Water Pump - Mahindra Solarize

    Solar Water Pump

    A low cost solution that enables increased production

Message from the CEO

Rakesh Singh CEO - Mahindra Solarize

"India is at cusp of becoming the third largest Solar Power producer in the World, this is fueled by 300 days of Sunlight and positive intent . Large utility installations have grown faster in last decade whereas going forward smaller installations will surge ahead . Future will belong to 3Ds - Decentralized, Distributed energy, enabled by Disruptive technology.

We, at Mahindra Solarize, are committed to accelerating distributed energy and democratize energy generation. We will be promoting and actively involved in renewable energy installations where energy is produced and consumed at the same place in both Rural and Urban areas. Smaller installation are considered even greener within Renewable energy as it completely eliminates transmission losses. Team Mahindra Solarize will strive for a greener, fossil fuel free society & environment.

While working on this endeavor we will commit to RISE philosophy of accepting no limits, alternate thinking & bringing positive change in the World.


Rakesh Singh

Mahindra Legacy

Every time our society needed us, we stepped in and created a new industry to help. In 1945, our journey commenced with us getting into the steel business, and over time, we expanded to 22 important industries. A need for change in the agricultural practices pushed us to foray into that sector right before the agriculture revolution began in India. We became one of the key torch-bearers of the IT revolution in our country. Our focus now lies in developing alternate energy sources because we believe energy conservation will play a significant role in ensuring a better future – for not just our country and communities, but the entire world.

  • Mahindra Legacy - Aerospace - Mahindra Solarize


  • Mahindra Legacy - Automotive - Mahindra Solarize


  • Mahindra Legacy - Construction Equipment - Mahindra Solarize

    construction Equipment

  • Mahindra Legacy - Farm Equipment - Mahindra Solarize

    Farm Equipment

  • Mahindra Legacy - Insurance Broking - Mahindra Solarize

    Insurance Broking

  • Mahindra Legacy - Real Estate & Infrastructure - Mahindra Solarize

    Real Estate & Infrastructure

  • Mahindra Legacy - Steel - Mahindra Solarize


  • Mahindra Legacy - Vehicle & Equipment Finance - Mahindra Solarize

    Vehicle & Equipment Finance

  • Mahindra Legacy - Aftermarket - Mahindra Solarize


  • Mahindra Legacy - Boats - Mahindra Solarize


  • Mahindra Legacy - Consulting - Mahindra Solarize


  • Mahindra Legacy - Hospitality - Mahindra Solarize


  • Mahindra Legacy - Logistics - Mahindra Solarize


  • Mahindra Legacy - Retail - Mahindra Solarize


  • Mahindra Legacy - Trucks & Buses - Mahindra Solarize

    Trucks & Buses

  • Mahindra Legacy - Agri Industry - Mahindra Solarize

    Agri Industry

  • Mahindra Legacy - Clean Energy - Mahindra Solarize

    Clean Energy

  • Mahindra Legacy - Defence - Mahindra Solarize


  • Mahindra Legacy - Information Technology - Mahindra Solarize

    Information Technology

  • Mahindra Legacy - Power Backup - Mahindra Solarize

    Power Backup

  • Mahindra Legacy - Rural Housing - Mahindra Solarize

    Rural Housing

  • Mahindra Legacy - Two Wheelers - Mahindra Solarize

    Two Wheelers

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